The Alton Society’s Management Committee has dissolved the Sustainability, Greening and Environmental Group – known as the ‘Sustainability Group’ – Since the group was set up, Alton now has a number of environmental groups that have grown in influence or been created. Members of the Society are involved with all of them. They have excellent links with each other. Examples are the Alton Climate Action Network, Alton’s Repair Cafe, Energy Alton plus others.

In view of this it was felt that our Sustainability Group was no longer needed. Thanks go to all of those involved and they will continue to pursue the group’s objectives through other local organisations.

Some of the work carried out by the group.

In 2016, under the leadership of Rod Eckles a wide ranging survey was completed by over 180 individuals in the Alton area.

The Group also determined that its major priority was to focus on town/High Street ‘vitality’.  It  collaborated with other individuals and organisations working in the same area.

Useful Updates on Waste and Recycling…

Recycling page from Partners Magazine Summer 2019

Don’t forget that the District Council do Glass Recycling every fortnight so ensure you use it. If you don’t have a glass recycling bin, get in touch with EHDC and get one!

Links for keeping up to date on new information:-

General guidance on bin collection:
When your bin will be collected: – and enter your address.
Garden waste collection:
There is a waiting list for garden waste collection, but if you would like to join the waiting list call 0300 300 0013 to register your name address and telephone number and EHDC will contact you once a space becomes available.

Tomorrow (Demain) The Film 22.3.19

On 22nd March 2019, the inspirational film Tomorrow (Demain) was shown in Alton. The film is about living in harmony with the planet and reducing global warming. It is all about your children and grandchildren’s future. It shows practical proven solutions to ecological social and economic problems in 10 countries including the UK. It will give you hope whilst recognising the huge problems about climate change. The event was a collaboration between Energy Alton, Alton Local Food Initiative and ourselves. Thanks for the 100+ people of all ages who came and supported us. There are plans to show it to an even wider audience.

Jointly sponsored by the Alton Society, Energy Alton and Alton Local Food Initiative.

Water Usage

South East Water has produced an excellent leaflet on water use – check it out here .