Planning Approval

In Alton, the Planning Authority is East Hampshire District Council (EHDC).

Most planning applications are decided by EHDC planning officers under delegated powers. However, the larger ones come to the EHDC Planning Committee for decision, including any where, at the local member’s request, the chairman agrees to include them in a future agenda.

Alton Town Council (ATC) has to be consulted by the Planning Authority, and members of the public normally have the opportunity to speak to the ATC Planning Committee at the start of a meeting in which an application is up for review. However, the ATC Planning Committee has no power to approve or reject an application, only to support or object.

The Planning and Transportation Committee review local planning applications on behalf of Alton Town Council. They meet monthly, normally at 7.00 pm, in the Town Hall Council Chamber, Market Square. Agendas are available two or three days prior to each meeting.


Agenda for Change

Our  Agenda for Change  is a 12-point plan which aims to bring meaningful improvements to the planning decisions affecting Alton.  This follows our article in the Herald on the 23rd April 2020, in the wake of a series of damaging planning approvals of major schemes, and which have persistently worked against Alton’s interests.