Lynch Hill

Outline planning application ref:  49776/003

In December we were able to support an application to develop the employment site on Lynch Hill.  The application sought access to the site from Waterbrook Road (off Mill Lane), a much preferred arrangement compared with 49776/002 which proposed access from a new junction on Montecchio Way.


Click  here for our response to 49776/003.


New Outline Application for Lynch Hill:  Ref: 49776/004

Sadly this is substantially no different from the last application (49776/002), which was firmly rejected by the Planning Committee.  It still proposes a new junction on Montecchio Way, which we think would cause huge traffic problems, especially at peak time.   Our objections relate to:

  1. The skyline impact of building right to the top of the hill
  2. Damage it would cause to this important green gateway to the town
  3. The risk to biodiversity and wildlife, caused by a new road carved through the hillside.

Click here to read our full submission.

Sadly, theapplication was approved at the Sept 2019 EHDC Planning Meeting, with only our two local members dissenting.