Local Plan

EHDC Local Plan Consultation

Why is EHDC reviewing the local plan?

In January 2018 the Government introduced a legal requirement for Local Plans to be reviewed every five years.  The current Local Plan was adopted in 2014. Since that time national planning policies have changed and the new plan must change to meet them.   The new plan extends right through to 2036.

‘Reg 18’ Consultation

The EHDC Draft Local Plan Public Consultation was completed in March 2019.  Click  here to see the main consultation document.

Here is an extract dealing with just the Sustainable Development policies.

Consultation Feedback

The Alton Society has submitted its response to the EHDC.  Clear here for the full text.  To go to a particular section go to page 1 (Contents) and click on the relevant chapter.  For example, PLANNING FOR PLACES contains our appraisals of the proposed allocations for Alton, eg land west of Brick Kiln Lane (housing), and Molson Coors Brewery (mixed use).

We have also included here links to the responses from Alton Town Council  (go to Appendix 2 beginning on page 13), and Energy Alton .

All submitted feedback is being be considered, and will form the basis of a further consultation exercise during the summer period of 2019.

Large Development Sites Consultation

In Sept 2019 EHDC decided to undertake a further consultation primarily focused on identifying one or more suitable large development sites for inclusion in the East Hampshire Local Plan 2017-2036.  This is a further component of the ‘Reg 18’ process.

We have submitted our response to the suggested ten sites being considered for future development, the vast majority of which are totally inappropriate in our view.  Click  here to see our submission.