Committee Members 2017-18

Chairman: Nicky Branch
Vice-Chairman: Martyn Dell
Treasurer: Peter Holden
Secretary: Barbara Burfoot
Membership: Bob Booker
Events Co-ordinator: Bob Booker
Publicity: Martyn Dell
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Ordinary Committee Members elected at the AGM:

Nikki Bird
Tony Cohen
Rod Eckles (Chairman of Built Environment Group)
Brian Good (Chairman of Natural Environment Group)
Louise Parker
Mark Penfold
David Simpkins
Simon Stoodley
Penny Webster-Brown
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 The picture features (Back row left to right) Tony Cohen, Rod Eckles, Bob Booker, Nicky Branch, Peter Holden, Martyn Dell . Front row left to right Barbara Burfoot, Louise Parker and Nikki Bird


The Built Environment Group is chaired by Rod Eckles, and includes Andrew Aldridge, Nicky Branch, Tony Cohen, Michael Fawcett and Mark Penfold.

The Sustainability Group is chaired by Martyn Dell, and also includes Bob Booker, Ginny Boxall, Rod Eckles, David Simpkins, Simon Stoodley, James Willis and Charlotte Wigzel.

Brian Good leads the Friends of Flood Meadows (formerly Flood Meadows Working Party) which meets monthly and is open to all Alton Society members and friends.

The Community Group is lead by Bob Booker and includes Helen Dudley, Sally Stoodley and David Simpkins