Outstanding Services to Alton Award 2018

We are delighted to announce that Tanya Applegath has won this year’s award for Outstanding Services to Alton.   The award was presented at the Society’s AGM on November 17th

IMG-0103 copy

Tanya at work

at the Alton House Hotel, Normandy Street, Alton.

This award is given to an individual who has worked hard to make a difference in our Town: through work or voluntary activity. It will often be through both.

The individual must be shown to have worked in a manner that supports the aims and objectives of the Society.

This year’s winner is 35-years-old, runs her own business known as Wildly Upbeat Printers from a unit in John Trimmer Walk and has lived all her life in Alton. Having studied for a business degree she has put her undoubted talents to good use setting up her own enterprise.

Tanya has been tireless and enthusiastic in her efforts to promote the commercial health of Alton. She co-founded the Alton Matters group of businesses, encouraging and supporting small businesses’ development.

She is determined to help make the Town a lovely place to work, visit and relax in. She is a member of the Alton Town Team which works hard to promote the Town a “go to” place for businesses and visitors.

She has set up initiatives to promote local businesses through innovative competitions at key times (Christmas, half terms). She has produced her own leaflets promoting Alton with its unique history.

While her positive leadership has persuaded others engage in community initiatives, she supports many causes outside the retail sector too, for example, she is a trustee on a local charity.

Her “can do” attitude inspires us all. She is highly motivated and has a lot of self determination. She says “Don’t ask what Alton can do for you but rather what you can do for Alton”.

Tanya was amazed but delighted to have won this award.


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